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Moocharoo began back in 2013 as a simple events platform for local adventures wanting to invite people along to enjoy activities together. Soon we began wanting to do some good in local communities also, plus use our digital talents to help small businesses to promote themselves online, not to mention our exploits in the Philippines. With so much going on Moocharoo became a brand for all our business activities and social enterprises.


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in digital artistry

Moocharoo is a brand with many differing ventures yet they are all centred or at least primarily marketed through their websites. Moocharoo is a digital media brand that is relaxed, adventurous and has a huge heart for wanting to help abandoned and orphaned children growing up on the streets of the worlds poorest countries.

We Need You!

Would you say yes to having more fun, more adventure and better relationships in your life?

Adventure really has always been at the core of everything that Moocharoo does and over the next year we shall be getting even more adventurous than ever. We want to go back to our roots, we want to go back to promoting local events, groups and clubs, getting people involved in whats going on around them, opportunities they never knew existed. If you would like to get involved then please get in touch so we can reward you with FREE lifetime membership of our new Moocharoo Clubs service opening later this year.

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our journey so far...

  • The Start-Up

    Moocharoo Events website

    In the early days we were all about getting out and about with other adventurous brave souls and exploring some fantastic locations. We found plenty of people who wanted to come out on organised adventures, but few were willing to set up events of their own.

  • Second Edition

    Events site Mk2

    After realising that we would be better off creating a platform for existing groups and clubs, than trying to get individuals to set up events we began trying to adapt our code. With such a huge amount of changes needed the site was temporarily suspended.

  • Social Enterprise

    New Home in the Philippines

    Having established the web development and marketing side to the business (Moocharoo Ninja) in 2014, we now expanded our vision by setting up a social enterprise to help the abandoned and orphaned street kids in the Philippines. While there we also set up a Philippines property site!

  • Odd Job Man

    Ex-Forces Handyman Services

    Aimed at ex-forces tradesman we have designed a simple to follow franchise business for any former servicemen or women that have left the armed forces with relevant skills. Our online lead management and marketing services make entry into self-employment a real sinch.

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We like to think of ourselves as a pretty relaxed bunch, there is no fancy long words or over the top politically correct platitudes here. We just speak in plain English, if you have a question or just want to say hi please go ahead and use the form below,
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